Monitoring the quality of water on a regular basis is required for producing the quality product. Many companies face difficulty in handling of water analysis management. SoftLims is one of the solution to get rid of that difficulty.

softLIMS – Water Analysis Management is designed to meet various types of water samples analytical data maintenance with reports. It is specially designed to meet the pharmaceutical and biotech industry water analytical requirements.

Water Analysis – Features

Suitable for different types of samplings like Raw water, RO water, PW,WFI etc.

Can Create Water Specifications,tests,parameters as per In-house or pharmacopoeia.

Logging single or multiple samples with automatic number assignment.

Track samples,sampling schedules and AR No.s with ease.

Can Create sampling points,locations and frequency as per requirement.

Can Create and modify schedules for sample collection based on requirements.

Can generate Sample specific AR No.

Automatic worksheet generation.

Results entry after sample analysis & Approval.

Automatic notifications for Alerts,Notifications,OOS,schedules deviations.

Historical water data trending’s and graphing.

Schedules approaching due dates can be notified.

Wide variety of reports available like sampling point,fail jobs,schedules,Incubator usage etc.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant / EU Annex 11 Compliant.

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