Reference Standards:

Reference standards are one of the key factors to produce good quality of pharmaceutical products consistently. They are used as primary or secondary standards for the quality control of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), excipients and finished pharmaceutical products.

Reference Standards Management module keeps track of inventory and usage of Reference Standards in Quality Control laboratory.

     Key Features:

  • Reference master creation or registration with lot details.
  • Manage reference standard index.
  • Effective maintenance of reference standards on the basis of procurement details, source, assay, standardization, usage etc.
  • Manage reference standards lot certificates.
  • Tacking of Reference standards issuance at container level.
  • Reference standards stock solution preparation and usage report
  • Reference standards - use before date or automatic expiry date population with notification
  • Termination of Expired Reference Standards.
  • Status of Reference Standard with lot details.
  • Provide reports of Master of reference standard, reference standard index, usage, stock card, destroy lot vial quantity, reference standard stock solution usage.


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