Maintenance of analytical instruments data is required by many national and international regulations, quality standards and company policies. The analytical instrument usage relies on the accuracy and precision to obtain valid data. This data can be used for various purposes at quality control lab.

Instruments are increasingly utilized based upon integration with computers to improve and simplify control ,enhance and extend instrumental functions, conditions, and parameter adjustments and streamline data sampling, collection, resolution, analysis (both during and post-process), and storage and retrieval.

Advanced instruments can be connected as a local area network (LAN) directly of via middleware and can be further integrated as part of laboratory information management system (LIMS).Instrument connectivity can be furthered even more using internet of things (IoT) technologies, allowing for example laboratories separated by great distances to connect their instruments to a network that can be monitored from a workstation or mobile device elsewhere.

To meet all current industry and regulatory requirements Pharma Soft Sol designed instrument management in LIMS module.

Key Features:

Automatic Instrument number population.

Automatic numbering for same instrument category instruments.

Manage documents related to instrument.

Schedules Calibrations and Automatic Notifications for Calibrations.

Work Sheet generation for calibration activity and results entry.

Automatic Calibration Certificate Generation.

Calibration overdue alert notification.

Deviated jobs automatic population.

Assign Calibration activity to the required User.

Instrument Use Log provision to record instrument usage.

Instrument breakdown and termination options available.

Deliver notification for Annual maintenance contracts.

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