Solution Management Module covers registration of each Reagents, Indicators, Buffers and Volumetric Solution. Volumetric Solutions is prepared as per the standard operating procedure and capped and labeled with name, date and description of the contents. To ascertain the strength of volumetric solution it is standardized by titration.

This module enables the complete process from preparation of templates to ensure the chemical composition integrity, standardization, re-standardization and usage. This gives a comprehensive functionality to address the standard volumetric solution practices. A tight integration with sample management in LIMS gives the possibility to enforce the usage compliance. Reports include Standardized Solutions Inventory, Re-standardization Due Dates and usage for different purposes.

Key Features:

Master Solution Creation with details of required standard solution name, type etc.

Standardization and standardization of volumetric solution after preparation.

Raw data report for solution preparation.

Solution usage Record.

Tracking or Solution Status based on name and solution type

Validity Notification before expiry of solution.

Termination of the solution.

Provide various reports like solution preparation, standardization, standardization usage, termination, solution index,

Audit trail for all critical activities

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